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10 Reasons Why I Love Marketing Brands on Instagram

10 Reasons Why I Love Marketing Brands on Instagram

If you are looking for a unique way to market your company, you should try considering tools such as Instagram to do so. Instagram is a social platform where businesses can showcase brand culture, company news, product releases and more. Here are ten reasons why your business should create an Instagram account, now.

The Hudson Whistle!1) It's Easy

Using Instagram is as easy as downloading the free app and snapping pictures with your phone or other mobile device. After you’ve taken a photo, you can share it online with your audience and customers.

2) Build a Social Following

There is usually a high level of engagement with photos taken with Instagram. If you are looking to get a high number of comments, shares or likes on your photos, this is the platform to use to get the job done.

3) It Doesn't Cost Anything to Use

Instagram is free! Any social network that you can use to save money on marketing costs is well giving a shot.

4) Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words

Depending on the content, a 1,000 word blog post tends to get shared more than a 200 word blog post. It is often said that a good picture is worth 1,000 words. With Instagram, you have a tool that enables you to say what you want in an efficient manner.

5) Capture Users by Target Market

Trying to connect with users in your niche? Instagram has a following of over 150 million people throughout the world that continues to grow each day.

Steph & FozzieHappy April Fools Day, Rania!

6) Every Picture Is Shown Equally

There is no algorithm that determines whether or not your photos are going to be shown as opposed to other photos. Therefore, your image will be shown whether or not you pay to post it.

7) Add Hashtags for Extra Segmentation

A hashtag can make it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for. By using hashtags, you can add extra segmentation that can help each of your users to find exactly what they want through the app.

8) Show What You Do

Instead of telling people what you do, show what you do. Sharing a picture of your latest product or office being built can be helpful when trying to drum up customer interest.

Rania recording a video blogHudson Horizons event

9) It's Fun to Use

Taking photos is fun! You can take a picture in almost any place at any time. Candid photos can help everyone have fun at work while increasing engagement with your customers.

Capturing the perfect #instasunset10) Gain More Traffic to Your Site

Instagram is perfect for any business that is trying to get more traffic to its website or share company culture. By using hashtags and enabling sharing options, it is possible to build brand awareness and increase conversions from those who get to your site because of a picture that they came across.

Instagram is a highly effective and easy tool to use for any company that wants to increase engagement and traffic in an organic and fun way. What are you waiting for? Create your Instagram account now and be sure to follow us @HudsonIntegrated!