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10 Tools You Need to Get Sh*t Done (Marketing Edition)

10 Tools You Need to Get Sh*t Done (Marketing Edition)

Do you work in marketing and need a few tools to fast-track your everyday tasks? Read about our 10 favorite tools for getting sh*t done.

1. Google Docs

Similar to Microsoft Word and Excel, Google Docs gives users a place to create documents and store them all in one place online. Whether you’re working with a doc, a sheet, or even a slideshow, the platform is incredibly simple to use. Google Docs allow users to easily share documents by creating a shareable link and setting access limitations (such as editing capabilities). To make things even better, Google Docs is a free tool included with a Google account.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox, specifically Dropbox business, is a storage and file sharing platform accessible from any device. Not only can you store files, images and videos, you can also create folders and share them with clients, employees, or even family members. If you’re a marketer on a budget, don’t worry. Dropbox offers a free plan with limited storage. If you need more space, there are several pricing options to choose from.

3. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is known as the king of all stock photo resources. When you need an image, Shutterstock is here for you. After signing up for an account, you’ll gain access to the largest library of photos, illustrations, and vectors one can possibly think of. Although it’s free to create an account, Shutterstock offers pricing options depending on how many images are needed on a monthly/annual basis.

4. Buffer

Buffer is social media scheduling made simple. If you’re currently posting your social content manually, your job is about to become a lot easier. Buffer allows you to connect all of your social media platforms into one account. From there, you can quickly schedule content by selecting the date and time you want it posted. There’s a free plan to get you started, but if you’re managing multiple client accounts, you may want to consider the different pricing plans.

5. Trello

Trello is your go-to organizational guru. A user begins by creating a customized board, then creates ‘cards’ for every task that needs to be completed. The tool makes it easy to track progress, the time it took to complete, add due dates, and mark them complete when finished. Who can use it? Anyone. Perfect for managers who are keeping track of multiple employees, or a one-person marketing team. And the best part - it’s free!

6. Bitly

Are the links you’re using too long to fit in a social post? Want to see who’s clicking on those links, and where those clicks are coming from? Bitly does it all in one simple platform. Copy/paste a lengthy link, customize it, tag it, shorten it, and presto! You have a Bitly link. Bitly provides an amazingly simple way to shorten links and analyze traffic - for free. The digital tool requires no fee;  just make an account and you’re good to go.

7. Canva

Not everyone has the time to create expert designs in Photoshop. With Canva, creating marketing graphics is incredibly simple. You have the ability to add photos and icons to your designs, and even upload fonts and colors to make branded content creation a breeze. When it comes to pricing, it’s free to sign up and use, but if you’re looking to use it for business, you’re going to want to consider their premium plan which includes more features.

8. Letter Count

Tired of manually counting the number of characters in meta data descriptions or Twitter posts? Letter Count is a simple tool that allows users to copy/paste text onto the site, which then displays how many characters are in that text. If you’d rather count each word, there’s an option for that, too. Even better, there’s no cost for using this tool — it’s 100% free.

9. Slack

Never heard of Slack? You’re in for a treat. Slack is the ultimate tool for office communication. In addition to being a messaging platform, Slack also provides an almost unlimited amount of add-on features designed to increase productivity and save time at work. As if that wasn’t enough, the tool is free for a small group of users. If you’ve given Slack a try and are interested in taking your relationship with them to the next level, there are two (affordable) pricing options to choose from.

10. Spotify

This may not be a marketing tool, but it sure does help with productivity! When you sign up for a Spotify account, you’re given access to an enormous library of music that includes almost every type of genre/artist in the world.  An added bonus: it’s free (if you don’t mind dealing with ads). If you prefer an ad-free listening experience, there’s a premium pricing option to consider.

In marketing, time is short and deadlines are tight. These tools cut your task time in half, so why wouldn’t you give them a try? What tools do you use to increase productivity? Share your favorites with us!