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20 Tips to Take Your Content to the Next Level

20 Tips to Take Your Content to the Next Level

Do you ever struggle when it comes to crafting content for your blog? Are you constantly wondering what your viewer’s actually want to see?  If this applies to you, then pat yourself on the shoulder. Writing content is one thing, but writing content that resonates with followers is what sets a basic blogger from an excellent one.

While blog topics will vary over time, understanding the type of content to post will not only save you time, but will help you generate more followers.  If you’re ready to take your content to the next level, then read on.

List it up.  Provide lists instead of lengthy paragraphs. This will direct reader’s to the key elements of your post in an easy to read format.

Every negative has a positive. When all else fails, start with a negative headline. Something like, “7 Things You Shouldn’t Post on Your Blog” is likely to attract more followers.

Infographics. We live in a fast-paced society where people want their information as quickly as possible. Combining text and images into one format is a very popular method for gaining viewers. Infographics are perfect for this.

Content curation. Adding third-party information to your posts is not a bad thing. Collect information, bring it together, and add your own voice. This is an excellent way to communicate ideas on your blog.

How to do a how-to. Simply put, write blogs on how to do something. Put yourself in your customers’ and prospects’ shoes. Dig into what they’re interested in learning about then write a how-to article or create a video pertaining to the topic.

Don’t snooze, post news. Stay up-to-date on industry news and current events that you can blog about. However, don’t rely heavily on news because this information may date quickly.

Share your insights. Your followers are depending on you to share something new. Build your credibility by sharing research in an easy to read format.

Case studies work. People love case studies. Put together a collection of case studies and craft a post about your findings. It’s a great way to show what other people are doing.

Create evergreen content. Post content that will be as relevant in a year’s time as it is today. This will insure that your blog isn’t getting old quickly.

A picture says 1,000 words. For better traction on Facebook or Google +, post catchy images. This is the content that people share most on social networks. When you post your article on social sites, the images will drag along with it.

Lights. Camera. Action. Some of your posts can be turned into videos instead of articles. By repurposing your content, you’ll reach a broader audience and a younger demographic.

SlideShare. Upload your PowerPoints to SlideShare. This is a good way to move your content on the social web. Embed them, share them, and tweet them in a visual format.

Top ten lists.  Give your followers a quick snapshot without giving too much through top ten lists. These lists in particular are the most shared words on Twitter.

Write a review. Do your viewers a favor and save them some time! Write a review about a product, link them, and put screenshots in.

Solve a problem. Always think about any problems happening in your industry. If you really want to take your content to the next level, then form a solution to a problem. You’ll be surprised with who you impress.

Prove through facts. It’s important to remain on top of any new research or statistics relating to the topic you’re writing about. Prove your point through these facts.

Quotes:  they love those. People love quotes. Tying in a quote into your content will help you earn some extra brownie points.

Podcasting: a new kind of listening. Listening is a powerful way for people to receive your message. Unlike skimming through text, when a person listens, he/she is hearing you directly. Create podcasts about your topic. People might listen to them while at the gym or even while relaxing on the beach.

eBooks. Put your content into eBooks. These can be printed out and carried around. So you’re not just moving content on the web, you’re turning it into physical media as well.

Don’t forget your text. And last but certainly not least, don’t forget to include text in your posts. Regardless of content, there needs to be key terms and phrases that Google can trace. For videos and podcasts, provide transcripts.

If you are a blogger then you know you have to excel at one thing: content. While self-promotion and engagement with other bloggers is important for your online presence, content above all will win over followers. So, next time you’re feeling unsure of what to write about, try one of these ideas.