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3 Marketing Tips to Increase Amazon Sales

3 Marketing Tips to Increase Amazon Sales

Amazon is the world’s biggest eCommerce platform, projected to capture nearly 50% of online retail spend in the U.S. this year. If you want to stand out from the millions of active sellers on Amazon and amp up sales this holiday season, keep reading. We’ve compiled our top marketing tips designed to help grow your business on Amazon.

1. Make a strong first impression with a professional Amazon store

Imagine your products were for sale at a storefront on a busy street in the middle of Times Square. How would you break through the hustle and bustle to get people to notice you? Could you quickly communicate your brand value propositions so consumers felt compelled to make a purchase?

Just like local businesses, your Amazon presence must break through the noise to reach and engage consumers. Luckily, Amazon has made it easy to do this online. With the right digital marketing experience, you can easily customize your store layout, create multi-page categories and utilize custom images that incorporate your brand font, colors and messaging.

Consider your Amazon storefront like a mini-website or local shop. Utilize it to showcase your most popular products, tell your brand story, and illustrate your unique selling propositions (USPs). 

Make use of the customization options to maximize your Amazon brand presence, as well as to ensure your store compels and engages potential customers in order to increase sales.

Key takeaway: Make a good first impression by investing in your Amazon store.

2. Make unique and informative product listings (aka don’t take the easy way out)

As a brand, it’s your job to make it easy for search engines and consumers to find you. If your Amazon listing isn’t set up correctly, you’re already losing out on sales.

Take these product listings below, for example:

The above Case-Mate listing refreshes with a new title and description every time a different case color is selected, which makes for a great user experience while also incorporating best SEO practices on Amazon. 👍

This sweatshirt listing, on the other hand, combines dozens of product styles into one listing — using the same product title and description for each. This common mistake in setup makes it incredibly hard for potential customers to find the products they’re searching for. If someone were looking for any of the 30+ sweatshirt options above, it would be near impossible to do so considering all relevant keywords are hidden behind the main “women rainbow unicorn” listing. 👎

The fix?

First, identify all of the unique keyword opportunities for each ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and use these keywords in your title and description. Secondly, structure your product listings correctly using parent/child variations if necessary. Ensure you’re doing what’s best for long-term sales, not simply what’s quickest or easiest to launch. Bonus tip: Take advantage of tools like Amazon listing graders and Google’s keyword tracker to maximize your chance of sales.

Key takeaway: Utilize free & paid tools as well as professional help to optimize Amazon listings and ensure customers can find you organically.

3. Go for the A+ (content, that is)

A+ content tells a product’s story through written and visual content, going deeper into key features than standard product descriptions do. A+ content improves shopper understanding of product features and brand values, helps raise conversion rates and sales, and improves visibility of related products. Ensure your listings take full advantage of A+ content to help improve sales, ranking, and product page traffic.

Key takeaway:
Create a rich shopping experience for your customers to further achieve success on Amazon.

Amazon A+ content example, before


Amazon A+ content example, after



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