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5 Brands Crushing it on Social Media

5 Brands Crushing it on Social Media

We see so many brands and businesses posting on social media everyday, but there are some that do it exceptionally well. These brands know how to capture their audience’s attention and are innovators in their industries. They utilize each platform’s capabilities to connect and engage with their audience through the content they post. If you want to see the 5 businesses we think are killing it on social media, keep on reading.


If you don’t know, Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to create, schedule, and publish social media content in advance. The tech company is known for its transparent culture and passionate employees who work remotely, all over the world. On social media, the company’s content is clear, beautiful, and inspiring. Buffer’s social media strategy plays on the fact that most of its employees are located in all parts of the world, and social media is used to share photos from individual employees. Photo captions promote fan interaction and a sense of community by using the company’s hashtag, #BufferCommunity. Twitter is used primarily to respond to customer inquiries with humor and clever responses. Trust me, even if you have no idea what Buffer is, you’re going to want to follow this social media maven! The thing that’s so intriguing about Buffer is how the company manages to promote its brand without trying to sell fans anything. You don’t follow Buffer to learn more about its product; you follow because you’re engaged with the content.. Now that’s stellar social strategy!


Buffer’s Instagram is full of striking photos that are definitely worth checking out! Photo by Buffer.
Buffer on Instagram
Buffer on Twitter


One of the most popular retail stores in the world, Target has developed some amazing content on social media. The company’s Instagram account begins with a clever bio that says “where products come to play,” and ends with some amazing images featuring products, and playful photos that engage fans. You may think that a brand like this would only feature the items it sells, but one of the best ways to build a social media community around a brand is to post unexpected content that invites interaction as opposed to just promoting a product. The photos aren’t the best part, though. Target also goes out of its way to respond to fans on social with uplifting words of encouragement and humorous responses that would make anyone want to engage.


Target engages with fans by responding to their comments with uplifting responses. Photo by Target.
Target on Instagram
Target on Twitter

American Airlines

I’m sure when you think of brands on social media, airlines don’t stand out as social media mavens. However, American Airlines is a great example of how businesses can create an amazing fan base through social. One way American creates unique content is reposting photos taken by other aviation enthusiasts, and pairing them with their own creative, humorous, and adorable captions. A serious shoutout to whoever at American is coming up with those captions!
On Twitter, the platform is dedicated to answering the hundreds of customer service tweets the company gets each day, and its customer service reps handle every tweet that comes in with witty, helpful responses. The clincher? The company devotes time to actually solving customer issues, rather than simply responding. American utilizes every inch of its social media presence to increase engagement, showcase its service, and keep customers happy.


Who else wants to meet the person behind these captions? Photo by American Airlines.
American on Instagram
American on Twitter


Most know this company for its tasty fast food, but what you may not know is how genius the fast food giant’s social media strategy has been in recent months. Over the past month or so, the brand’s Twitter account has been responding to customer criticism and complaints with hilarious, sometimes blunt responses. Sure, it’s not conventional, but social strategy is all about trying new things. The company took a unique opportunity to attract people to its product, and ran with it. The end result? Amazing fan interaction on social media. I highly recommend reading some of the comedic responses over on their Twitter feed.


One of Wendy’s Twitter responses that shook the internet. Go ahead, tweet them if you dare. Photo by Wendy’s.
Wendys on Instagram
Wendys on Twitter


Amateur graphic design tool, Canva, is an Australia-based web company that allows anyone to create quick, yet beautiful graphics. Canva makes it easy to get creative even if you’re on a tight schedule. Stumble upon the company’s Instagram and you’ll find some pretty cool photos and graphics that I can only assume were created using the platform. On the surface, you may not think the company would have any content to post, yet it manages to publish beautiful content that engages its audience and is designed to inspire. Twitter is used to respond to customer tweets, and with a web platform hosting over 14 million users, you can imagine how many inquiries it gets. The Canva team does a great job at answering all customers, and they do it in a creative, engaging way.


Canva showcases its product by posting truly stunning graphics made on its website. Photo by Canva.
Canva on Instagram
Canva on Twitter

Understanding what brands are doing right on social media can help anyone who works in digital marketing get a better understanding of what it takes to create an effective social strategy. I love to check out what brands are doing all the time because it inspires me to think outside the box. When it comes to social - that’s always a good idea. Do you have a favorite brand to watch? Let us know in the comments!