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5 Summer Social Media Trends for Your Business

5 Summer Social Media Trends for Your Business

Advertising and marketing remain key to improving profits by increasing your number of clients. Successful digital marketing strategies involve understanding consumer demographics, meeting client needs and reaching them by advertising in locations frequented by targeted consumers. Social media sites are visited daily by countless people who have a wide variety of interests and backgrounds. Advertising on Facebook and Twitter undoubtedly improves a company's recognition and increases consumer numbers. The Hudson marketing team recommends a number of ways to utilize social media marketing to garner even more attention for your brand or business.


The application is compatible with Apple, Windows or android platforms and allows users to create short, looped videos that might then be posted to the Vine website or transferred to Facebook/Twitter. The opportunity to produce six-second videos soon attracted everyone from clever teens to celebrities. With a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, Dunkin Donuts and other companies discovered that “vines” served as a fantastic and inexpensive means of advertising. In addition to media site posting, the app also allows for embedding videos on personal websites or within blogs.


Before the concept of Vine, there was Instagram. The application allows users to create photographs or videos, provides editing tools and enables the user to quickly send the digital creation to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or other locations. While popular with the general public, the format also serves as a fantastic and cost-effective means of creating brand culture. Videos are not restricted to six-second durations and the application remains free of charge.


Once known as the number or pound symbol, the “#” has recently become known as the hashtag or hash tag. Popular on Twitter and Google +, users apply the symbol as a prefix before one or more keywords, creating a time-saving search mechanism. Users might also incorporate the symbol up to three times in a group of words. Companies and organizations began using the hashtag technique to connect with associates, clients and prospective customers online from anywhere in the world. By clicking on a particular hashtag, users also have the ability to track conversations about specific topics, making the symbol a unique analytical tool. The hashtag phenomenon is a great way to keep up with trends, promote a business or establish a group of followers.

Selling Lifestyle

The latest marketing methods implemented by a number of companies involves attracting consumers by establishing a brand by equating a product with lifestyle. The Urban Outfitters blog, for example, features weekly entries based on supposed real-life people accompanied by a downloadable music track that promotes a trendy persona. This technique might also be used on social media websites using multimedia techniques and offerings.

Mobile Design

When devising an advertising scheme, keep in mind that more and more people stay connected with the world around them through mobile devices. Surveys suggest that people spend more than one-third of their waking hours on mobile devices and check their phone more than 100 times daily. Many regularly use social media sites for this purpose, making Facebook and other sites optimal locations to post ads.