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6 Examples of Successful Micro-Influencer Campaigns

6 Examples of Successful Micro-Influencer Campaigns

You’ve heard of micro-influencers, but are you entirely sure what they are or what they do? Most people are accustomed to more traditional advertising, but micro-influencer campaigns are quickly becoming more popular than traditional advertising campaigns. Here are 6 examples of successful micro-influencer campaigns that should help to show you the benefits of this modern marketing technique.

What Are Micro-Influencers Anyway?

Any person with a social media following of 1,000 to 100,000 followers is considered a micro-influencer. You may think large companies would only want to collaborate with macro-influencers (a follower count of 100,000+); however, a smaller follower count often means more real engagement with followers, which builds trust and makes the audience more likely to buy what the influencer suggests. It’s also more affordable to hire micro-influencers.

3 Instagram Micro-Influencer Campaigns With Multiple Influencers

The following campaigns used multiple influencers to reach their goal. Working with multiple influencers allows your brand to reach a more varied audience — though with proper vetting of influencers and hashtag requirements, you can still reach a very specific niche.

  • Banana Republic collaborated with Instagram micro-influencers to target a specific niche by using lifestyle influencers known for how they dressed. They used a group of hashtags that were common for Banana Republic campaigns, reaching a targeted audience more likely to buy their products.
  • Glossier targets micro-influencers with a higher rate of follower engagement over just sheer numbers of followers.
  • Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington forgoes traditional advertising completely in favor of micro-influencers. To grow their audience, they collaborate with a wider range of influencers in various niches rather than just those related to fashion or watches.

3 Instagram Micro-Influencer Campaigns With Targeted Micro-Influencers

These micro-influencer campaigns were more specific in using a smaller number of influencers and making their campaigns more in-depth, reaching an audience already set into their niche. This technique is a great way to crush it on social media.

  • Fiji water collaborated with Instagram influencer Danielle Bernstein to create a small workout series, showcasing that Fiji water is dedicated to hydration.
  • H&M collaborated with influencers Julie Sarinara and Ela Velden to target their audiences for their 2017 fall catalog.
  • Naked Juice collaborated with influencer Kate La Vie to begin to edge their way into the beauty, fashion and health scenes on Instagram.

Micro-influencer campaigns are a growing trend among both large and small companies for their various benefits and affordability. Need help determining the right digital strategy for your brand? Let us help.