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By Cassidy Layton, Posted in Branding

Without their acclaimed brand identities, Apple just sells computers and a Rolex is just...a watch. Branding is how people identify and perceive your business. It covers elements like the tone, style, and voice, which all work together to create a unique... read more.

By Hudson Integrated, Posted in Branding, Content

Writing and copywriting are two different skills, yet people often use the terms synonymously. A writer or journalist writes articles that are fact-based and inherently informative. A copywriter writes advertisements and promotional materials, meaning... read more.

By Hudson Integrated, Posted in Branding, Content, Social, Strategy

In Part One of this blog, I discussed the ways in which electronic word of mouth (eWOM) marketing and peer interactions on social media influence a consumer’s intent to purchase from a brand. In Part Two, I will dive into the do’s and... read more.

By Kelsey Foy, Posted in Branding, Content, Design, Mobile, Social, Strategy

Just a few months ago, Facebook rolled out a cover video feature for business Pages. Designed to play in an automatic loop, cover videos have helped businesses attract and maintain visitors for over 65 million Facebook... read more.

By Lauren Restaino, Posted in Branding, Ideas

Are you considering a rebrand for your business? We aren’t talking about a logo or name change - your brand is so much more than that. Your brand is your company’s identity. A brand creates the emotional connection or feeling your customers... read more.

By Brittni Landers, Posted in Branding

You have your Startup, and you’ve determined your target market. What now? Now you need to reach them. The following tips will help you do just that: Tip #1: Promote user engagement and interaction on social media Think about any professional... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Branding

Have you ever read a book so good that the story has stayed with you, even to this day? That’s what good advertising should do: tell a story worth remembering. Because of the staggering amount of businesses out there advertising their products and... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Branding

In an age where brands are competing with news outlets as consumers’ main sources of information and entertainment, creating and publishing unique content is becoming an important way to remain relevant in today’s fast-paced... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Branding

Imagine meeting someone for the first time. You either click with the person or you learn that you don’t have many commonalities, at which point, you either become friends or you part ways. A brand/consumer relationship works very much in the same... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Branding

In a world where every company is vying for attention, it is not always easy to drown out the competition and have your company’s voice heard above all the rest. How, then, can you brand your company so that it is not only different from your... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Branding

While some may say that bad publicity is better than no publicity, this particular line of thinking becomes highly questionable when companies adopt that line of thinking for their social media strategy. Although there are certainly some brands that... read more.

By Hudson Integrated, Posted in Branding, Design, Hudson

By now you’ve probably been exposed to spring cleaning—whether participating it in or observing others do it. Well, this spring we decided to put our own spin on the infamous seasonal cleaning extravaganza: we revamped our website and... read more.