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Five Ways Twitter is Beneficial to Your Business

Five Ways Twitter is Beneficial to Your Business

Twitter has become a go-to social media platform amongst celebrities, athletes, and even politicians. It provides a great way for public figures to communicate personally with their followers and fans, thus creating (or at least mimicking) personal relationships. Personally, I lost my mind when one of my favorite celebrities tweeted back at me- so much that I wanted to connect with her that much more.

So, if celebrities can gain and maintain a following through Twitter, why can’t a business? Well, here’s a little secret: they can. Here are five reasons that you need Twitter to benefit your business:

Increase Your Brand Awareness
You want a customer to think of your business first when they are going to make a purchase within your industry. When your business has consistent exposure to the public and proves its commitment its customers, potential customers will think of your business above any other. What better way to stay in touch with the public than through quick, easy tweets?

Keep Up With the Latest Trends in Your Industry
The best way for businesses to stay on top at all times is finding out exactly what people want. People always say that they aren’t into following trends, but most of us know how untrue that is. Twitter has a “trending” section where you can see what people are talking about and interested in, and you will also be able to see what your following is all about.

Promoting New Items and Merchandise
Through tweets, your business will instantly be able to promote new items to be released. You will be able to get some hype out in the Twittersphere by giving a 140- character summary of what your new product is along with a promotional coupon. This allows your followers to retweet the information to their followers, further spreading the exciting news.

Increase PR Outreach
On Twitter, celebrities are known for releasing statements in regard to events that are happening in their personal lives. Businesses can do this as well, whether they are dealing with a technical difficulty, a crisis, or any other news that they want to share with the public. Customers won’t have to worry if your business’s Twitter is accurate because it’s coming directly from the source.

And most importantly…

Get Instant Feedback
“The customer is always right” is a phrase that couldn’t be more valuable in the business world. Businesses strive on customer feedback and happiness. Twitter makes it possible for businesses to reach out and ask customers what they want and- within minutes, have dozen of responses. You will also be able to take note of your brand’s reputation, making sure it is always in good standing.