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Four Next-Level Tactics for Facebook Ad Campaigns

Four Next-Level Tactics for Facebook Ad Campaigns

According to the latest Facebook research, nearly two billion people use Facebook every day. That means that through Facebook, you have the world at your fingertips – literally! It’s no wonder social media advertising has become so lucrative for businesses.

When used properly, Facebook campaigns have the power to transform small and mid-sized businesses. But before you click that enticing “promote” button, make sure you know how to get the best return on your investment. Follow these four tips to make your next Facebook ad campaign stand out from your competition.

Set Well-defined Goals

The best advertising strategies begin with clear goals.  Facebook has a myriad of options, so do a little background research to decide which style of ad best fits your organization’s goals.

Before you even open Facebook, decide what your business needs from the campaign. Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Generate leads? Get more fans on your Facebook business page? Get local people to your brick & mortar store?



Knowing your goals will help you choose the right type of Facebook ad, which brings us to the next tip…

Know Your Target Audience

Once you’ve set your goals, the second important decision you’ll make is determining your target audience. Here’s a hint: don’t say “everyone.”

Advertisements that are tailored to a specific audience typically fare better than ads that take the “shotgun approach”. Think of the ads that draw you in when you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed – they’re usually targeted to your needs, likes or location.

You’re better off allocating smaller budgets to several highly-targeted ads than you are throwing all your money at a single generic ad. Take the time to identify and connect with your audience in meaningful ways to get the biggest return on investment.

Facebook allows you to create multiple tailored audiences, which you can save and advertise to at any time. You can create audiences based on current website traffic, customer data (name, email addresses, etc.), age, interests, and  other very specific criteria. Create multiple audiences and a/b test these audiences with one ad. This allows you to see which of your saved audiences converts best. Once you figure out your top audiences, create more ads targeting them.

Use High Quality Imagery

If there is one area that you don’t want to skimp on, it’s this. Photos and graphics can make or break an ad campaign, so take the time to find high-quality content that catches the attention of your audience while clearly communicating  your message.

Keep in mind that social media advertising works best when it appears to be an organic part of the user’s news feed. Aim for graphics or videos that stand out. The best course of action is to invest in photos and videos that work both in an ad campaigns and in other areas of your business to provide relevant, engaging content. 

Have a Clear Call to Action

Great advertising is more than a catchy slogan or a compelling photo. Be clear about what you want your audience to do once they see the ad: like your page, visit your website, call to set up a consultation. People will generally only take action if you explicitly state what you want them to do.

Remember - the more complicated the task, the less likely the conversion. Think through the user experience, from seeing the ad in their Facebook feed, to clicking on it, to whatever the next step may be. Is the call to action clear? If your ad takes people off Facebook, are they directed to a straightforward (and responsive) landing page?  Keep your page as simple as possible so your potential customers have a direct, easy path to conversion.


The bottom line: each day, your business has the opportunity to connect with and impact thousands of potential customers through social media. Like all forms of advertising, a little strategic planning will go a long way in making your campaign successful. Make research and planning prior to launch a priority, and you are much more likely to see conversion rates that put a smile on your face.

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