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Google Plus Takes on SEO

Google Plus Takes on SEO

Google Plus has become the second largest social networking site in the world after Facebook. There are an estimated 540 million users connecting through Google Plus, but that is not the website’s only upside. Believe it or not, Google Plus has a lot more elements that are beneficial to a business, including SEO branding.

Here’s how you can take advantage of Google Plus for your business’ SEO efforts:

  1. Personalized Search: Personalized search is a tool on Google Plus that allows Google to log a user’s preferences when they are signed into their Google account. When a user attempts a search while logged into his or her account, search results will be different compared to when they are signed out due to modifications specific to individual accounts. This means that if an individual follows your business on Google Plus, Google will want to display your business’s site higher on the user’s search query based on personal preferences.
  2. Google Plus Local: Google Plus local allows businesses to integrate through the social media platform. In terms of a search engine results page (SERP), it can be valuable to set up a Google Plus local profile page for your business. When a search is done on a business, a knowledge graph can be triggered and added to the search results from the Google Plus local page providing the user with data from your business’ profile.
  3. Indexing: Google is huge on indexing for the quality of its search results. The company actively has its search bots crawl through each post on Google Plus. This allows for the content posted to your Google Plus account to be discovered quicker than usual. Other social media platforms lack this aspect, making it difficult to find the content posted on them.
  4. Get Your Web Content Viral: As mentioned earlier, Google Plus is the second largest social networking site in the world. It has some of the best user engagement, especially within Google Plus Communities. Google Plus Communities allows users to enhance their work and network with other users in their field. When connecting with users in a similar field of work, there is a good chance that your content will be shared on their pages and other websites.
  5. Keeping Up with the Latest SEO Practices: Keeping up with the ever-changing SEO practices can be challenging, but Google Plus makes it possible to be right on top of them. It has one of the most active communities on the web for SEO professionals who are active in helping each other with optimization issues and posting information to update the outside.