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How to Write a Great Email Newsletter

How to Write a Great Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are a great way for businesses to build trusting relationships with their target audiences, and if promotional content is included, they can also increase revenue. The major key to enforce the benefits of an email newsletter is making sure your subscribers actually click and read them. Here are 5 tips to writing a great email newsletter and furthering your email marketing efforts:

Create a Subject Line That Stands Out
Your subject line is your headline. This means that it is critical for your emails to have a subject line that makes your target audience want to read more. People go through their inbox at least once a day deleting “junk” emails. Don’t let them think that your newsletter is the typical spam. Instead of using a subject line that simply states your business’s name followed by “Newsletter,” try using one of your key points as your subject line. Catching your audience’s attention is the first step in making sure they read on.

Don’t Assume Your Audience Knows All About You
It may be hard to believe, but there is a chance that those you’re emailing your newsletter to may not be familiar with your business. In your newsletter, make sure you explain what your business is all about and why your offerings will make their life better. Keep in mind that your audience will be more inclined to continue reading your email newsletter if they feel a sense of genuineness on your end. When your audience trusts you, they become customers.

Make it Visually Appealing
When an email looks nice, you are more likely to keep reading it. So, set your word processing program so you’re writing in the same font and format that will appear on the recipient’s computer screen. It is also important to always add a hyperlinked table of contents on the top of your newsletter so it’s easy for your recipient to navigate to the points that stand out most to them. Personally, I won’t read past the first paragraph if there’s not something that immediately interests me. Give your recipients a reason to keep scrolling.

Don’t Lose Your Voice
Every brand has its own tone and manner, also known as their company “voice.” It is important that you show your company voice within your newsletter. Stay true to who you are as a company and be personal and casual with your audience. People aren’t all business all the time; they want to see that behind the corporate exterior, there’s a real person in there somewhere. It may seem risky to write a professional newsletter in a casual tone, but chances are it’ll be more beneficial to your business to do so by getting your audience to know you.

And Don’t Forget to Check Your Work
This is a lesson we have been consistently taught all throughout our school years, but sometimes seem to forget. Always check your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure, do it three times if you have to. Your audience could be extremely critical if you were to use the wrong form of “there” in your newsletter, and rightfully so. Make sure that once you’re finished going through your errors that you send yourself a test email so you are able to look the newsletter over in its correct form.

Once you’re completely rid of any mistakes, you are ready to send out your now fabulous newsletter!