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Instagram Contests: The New Way to Market Your Business

Instagram Contests: The New Way to Market Your Business

It seems as though the entire world is obsessed with the photo and video sharing app, Instagram. The platform provides a fun way to share with your friends what your day holds, whether it’s a photo with friends at an exciting destination, some cool wall-art you passed on the street, or even your delectable lunch. People love the social aspect of the site; garnering ‘likes’ and followers is most definitely a favorite pastime for users. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Businesses are starting to make their own accounts to create buzz amongst their consumers world-wide. Instead of reeling off essays to your following, you can express your brand and company visually- which turns out to leave much more of an impact. But, for businesses, it’s more than just sharing cool images. People are competitive by nature, so what’s the best way to engage your followers? A compelling contest will certainly do the trick.  

Instagram contests can offer some of the best interactions between companies and fans. Offering a prize to your followers is a big deal,  but it’s the social engagement with followers that make Instagram contests something for businesses to seriously consider

Don’t believe me? Check out these twelve businesses that captured the attention of their followers through their own Instagram campaigns. Who knows? It might even spark a little inspiration for your company’s first Instagram contest!