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Interning at Hudson: Cole’s Inside Look

Interning at Hudson: Cole’s Inside Look

When searching for an internship, it can be hard to understand what your role will look like and how the company runs, especially if it’s your first one. To alleviate as much uncertainty as possible, we sit down and chat with our interns to give you an in-depth look at what it’s like to work at a digital agency in Morristown, New Jersey — and a sneak peek inside life at Hudson.

Meet Cole Walker; a Senior at William Paterson University and our Front-end Developer Assistant. Cole started at Hudson in June 2019 and has recently celebrated 3 months at the company. As our Front-end Developer Assistant, Cole builds out website features and functionality that helps clients improve their digital presence. Interested in learning more about his role? Keep reading.

What attracted you to work at Hudson?

I ultimately decided to work at Hudson because of the culture, and the role that was described to me. It was exactly the level of challenge that I was looking for, and I felt like the environment at Hudson would be very welcoming towards newcomers and a great place to learn.

What do you enjoy most about working at Hudson?

The culture. There’s nobody here who I feel like I can’t talk to or relate to, and it’s an environment that is very welcoming to newcomers.

What are some new skills gained during this internship?

Learning how a website is built in a commercial environment and within a team has been the biggest addition to my skill set. There are a lot of intricacies that didn’t appear when I was working alone on pet projects, such as making sure that my applications will support as many browsers and platforms as possible, and being able to effectively communicate my ideas to the development team.

Have you faced any challenges in your role?

Yes, every day I face little challenges, which is great because it means I learn a lot! The biggest single challenge I faced was building a part of our CMS (Content Management System) which allows users to build menus for websites by clicking and dragging elements. It required a lot of unusual programming techniques that I wasn’t particularly comfortable with and used some technologies that I had never interacted with before. It was an amazing learning experience, and I’m very proud of the final product.

What does a typical day at Hudson look like for you?

Aside from the occasional meeting, my days at Hudson typically consist of programming at my desk and listening to music. There’s a lot of variety to the things that I build for Hudson, because of the wide range of clients that we serve, which makes every task feel completely unique.

How would you describe Hudson’s company culture?

Welcoming. Even on my first day, I felt like I was already a contributing part of the team.

How has the internship matched your expectations?

The interview process was very thorough, so it has been exactly what I expected it to be. There have been no surprises, which is fantastic.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone looking for an internship?

Get some help with your resume! I had no idea how bad mine was until I went to the career center at my school and had an advisor look it over. It was an incredibly eye-opening experience, and within a week of changing it, I had several interviews lined up.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Cole! We’re lucky to have you on our team.

Hudson offers a hands-on internship experience that teaches you all the skills necessary for a successful career in web design and development. Interested in joining our web design team in Morristown, New Jersey? Learn more about who we are by checking out our website and apply here.

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