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Interning at Hudson: Corey’s Inside Look

Interning at Hudson: Corey’s Inside Look

Interning at Hudson Integrated has never been about fetching crazy coffee orders and random busy work. We value our interns time and dedication and are consistently working toward making our program the best it can be. But don’t take our word for it. Hear about our intern program first hand from our interns.

We took some time to chat with our Business Development Assistant, Corey, to get a feel for his experience as an intern at Hudson. Corey is a senior at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) with a major in Financial Economics, and he began his internship at Hudson in June 2017. Learn more in our interview with him below!

What attracted you to Hudson?

Hudson’s internship program was brought to my attention by my girlfriend’s dad, who is friends with Daryl, Hudson’s President and CEO. After looking through the website and exploring employee bios, blogs and previous client projects, I knew it could be a great fit for me and I really envisioned myself working at this company.

What is your favorite part about your internship position?

Trying to figure out how to best position myself to be the most useful to each team - business, marketing, and development.

What is your favorite part about working at Hudson?

Hands down, my favorite part is having coworkers that are competitive in spirit, want to be the best at their individual job, and eager to help those around them to be successful at their job, as well. This is truly a tight knit team and they collectively produce the best digital efforts for clients.

What are some new skills or knowledge gained during this internship?

When I started at Hudson, I had basic business sense from my previous work experience; however, through hands on experience, I have learned more than I imagined I would. I know that all the skills I have gained here, I will use in the future from creating business overviews and proposals to interacting in professional and casual business meetings.

What has been your biggest challenge while working at Hudson?

Losing to Jeff and Daryl in our daily Billiards games during lunch.

How would you describe our company culture?

Hard working and easy going. The team is focused on producing the best possible work for each client and have a lot of fun while doing so.

How did the internship match your expectations?

I am completely blown away with my internship experience. Who knew that coming to work could be this enjoyable? Every day we try to have fun, build relationships, and most importantly work hard.

What is your most memorable experience at Hudson?

Having the opportunity to be a part of a meeting between Hudson and a potential client at the client’s main headquarters. It was the biggest meeting I had ever been a part of, and to be the youngest person in the room contributing to the conversation was a surreal experience.

Thanks Corey, for sharing a bit of your experience with us. We truly enjoy having you as a part of the team!

Are you looking for an internship program to prep you for your future career in digital marketing, web design and development or business? Check us out online to learn more about us and see if Hudson’s internship program could be the right fit for you. Apply today!

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