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Interning at Hudson: Dan’s Inside Look

Interning at Hudson: Dan’s Inside Look

 “So, you’re telling me I have to get experience before I can get experience?”

 That may be a common sentiment amongst recent grads, but you won’t hear it from William Paterson University junior, Dan. Over the past year, Dan has worked closely with our team at Hudson to sharpen his marketing skills and develop a productive work ethic. Learn more in our interview with Dan below!

What attracted you to Hudson?

When I saw Hudson’s job ad, it said the position they were looking to fill was “hands-on.” That word caught my interest because I wanted an internship in which I would be completing real work and contributing to real clients, not running around fetching coffee. And it hasn’t disappointed one bit. Additionally, I knew that learning about and working in social media would be an invaluable skill. It’s still a newer, developing field, and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what we can do with it.

What is your favorite part about working at Hudson?

At Hudson, I experience the real life applications of what I am learning in school. You can spend your whole life reading books and theories about the principles of marketing or the utilization of social media, but you’ll never really understand it until you experience it firsthand.

Concrete skills such as community management, brand building, SEO, and effective writing and marketing are all common buzzwords you hear in class, but you don’t really understand them until you jump in. Hudson has been an amazing opportunity to make that jump and truly experience what it’s like to work in the industry.

What are some new skills or knowledge gained during this internship?

The biggest skill I’ve learned has been the ability to write more effectively, and to hold the reader’s attention while staying true to a brand’s voice. Although my writing abilities have improved greatly, it is still a skill in which I will continue to work on and cultivate.

What has been your biggest challenge while working at Hudson?

The biggest challenge has definitely been playing catch up. My skills weren’t exactly where they needed to be when I first started, so I’ve had to work extra hard to bridge that gap. However, the entire team has made this growth seamless and easy. It was a challenge, but anything valuable requires hard work.

How has this internship prepared you for a career in your field?

It all goes back to being “hands-on.” Working in this industry instead of just looking at it from the outside has helped me to develop the skills and knowledge I will need later on in my career. It’s just like running a marathon. You can read all about the perfect way to run a marathon. You can memorize the perfect endurance techniques, the best form, the perfect diet, the top shoes, but it isn’t until you physically put in the work that you’ll be able to actually run a marathon. Working for Hudson has been my physical preparation, strengthening my muscles and enhancing my endurance for the ultimate race.

What is your most memorable experience at Hudson?

It’s hard to say what has been the most memorable, considering how many great moments there have been in my one year here. Even though my first day was pretty great, I would have to go with Friday lunches. Good food aside (although that should never be discounted), being able to eat, chat and hang out with the rest of the team each week, and learn more about them and from them is amazing. While that isn’t one specific moment, which may be cheating, it’s something that I value greatly. This time with the team made the transition easier, and I’ve learned a lot about the company, the industry, and my teammates through these weekly gatherings.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Dan. We are happy to have you as part of our team and always appreciate your hard work!

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