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Interning at Hudson Integrated: An Inside Look

Interning at Hudson Integrated: An Inside Look

Did you know this month is National Internship Awareness Month?  If you can get past the fact that there''''''''s a month dedicated to nearly every cause or idea,  this month is actually really important for students. Internships are a critical part of education and without the right one(s), you may  have a difficult time establishing a career post-grad. Only an internship can provide students with the invaluable knowledge that comes from real, hands-on experience.
Today, We sat down with Chris Bernstein, Junior at Ramapo College, to discuss his experience as an intern at Hudson Integrated. Chris began his internship in May of 2016, as a Digital Marketing Intern, and his role has now evolved into a Marketing Assistant. Check out our interview with him below!

What attracted you to Hudson Integrated?

I think it was the job description. To me, it sounded like an amazing opportunity to work with other creatives who were as passionate about marketing as I am. And guess what? It ended up being just that and more.

What is your favorite part about interning at Hudson Integrated?

Being able to come to work everyday and learn something new in a field I’ve come to love. I would’ve never guessed that I would develop such an incredible passion for digital marketing, but I truly believe that it was the ability to be creative, and work on projects that had meaning, that allowed me to find the career I was born to have.

What has been your biggest challenge while working at Hudson Integrated?

I feel that I have been challenged with many things at Hudson but if I had to come up with a challenge that stood out to me, it would be learning how to work in an office environment. However, it didn’t take long to adapt because my coworkers made me feel a part of the team from the very start.

How do you feel this internship has prepared you for a career in your field?

I’ve developed a passion for what I do. I’ve learned a lot and the confidence I gained from this internship has truly prepared me to go into any job and blow everyone’s minds (Not literally, of course).

How would you describe our company culture?

I never knew how important work culture is in a business, but after interning at Hudson, I hope a similar culture is present at every future job I have. If you want an internship or job where you’re excited to come into work everyday, Hudson is your place. If you hate team outings, happy hour, Friday lunches, and amazing coworkers who share a similar passion for their work, than steer clear and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

What are some new skills or knowledge obtained during your time as an intern?

I came into this internship only knowing the basics, but now I have a deeper understanding of digital marketing, branding and design. I learned how to manage multiple projects at one time, as well as how to translate my ideas into effective marketing campaigns. Another amazing skill I’ve learned is how to brainstorm and strategize with others to develop innovative ideas that can be implemented for our clients.

Would you recommend this internship to other students?

Well, they never make me fetch them coffee or make a single copy of anything, and they even make me sit at my own desk and have unlimited access to their coffee stash. I guess if you like that sort of stuff than yeah, I would highly recommend this internship to other students.

How do you feel about the level of responsibility you were given?

I’ve worked on real projects for real clients with deadlines and specific criteria that had to be met. Sure, that sounds a bit scary but it’s incredibly motivating to know that what I’m working on has meaning, and purpose. Trust me, after starting you’re going to want more and more responsibility because the work you produce is truly rewarding.

As an intern, do you think you were given the opportunity to share new ideas and thoughts and if so, have you seen any of your ideas or thoughts implemented?

I think that’s the part of this internship that has been the most rewarding. It’s almost surreal at how much creativity they allowed me to share, and how the company really wants your ideas and feedback. I fell in love with Hudson after watching almost every project I worked on or created, be implemented on social media or a website. You may find yourself questioning if they actually want your ideas or thoughts, just like I did in the beginning of my internship, but they really do value your thoughts! My advice is to take the opportunity to share your ideas and show them how awesome you are (Just like I did).

What is your most memorable experience at Hudson?

There’s been so many but I think one of my favorite experiences was the random beer run Chris and Sam made over the summer, and I was able to work at my desk with a cold beer in hand. Can it get any better than that? I don’t think so.

You’ve heard it straight from the source! Hudson offers an amazing internship experience and it just so happens, we are hiring for Summer 2017. Check us out online to learn more about what we do and see if Hudson could be the right fit for you.

If you have a passion for digital marketing or design and development, an internship at Hudson might be just what you need to make your summer really great. Get those resumes ready and apply today!

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