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Is Your Outdated Website Hurting Marketing Efforts?

Is Your Outdated Website Hurting Marketing Efforts?

Is your company's website keeping sales numbers down? These days, if your business lacks a strong website, any budget that is allocated towards online marketing could be counterproductive. Your brands website should be used as an effective marketing tool to share brand culture, drive conversions and stimulate the attention of your visitors.

Keep it Clean

Website visitors don't want to land on a cluttered site that has no clear message. When a potential customer gets to your site, he or she wants to easily find the information they need to know about a product or how to make a purchase. As soon as someone finds your site, it should take no more than one or two clicks to order a product and start the checkout process. Alternatively, it should not take more than one or two clicks to find more information about a product or contact a customer service representative for help.

Guide the Customer

What is the purpose of your website's content? Do you want the customer to sign up for a newsletter or sign up for a credit card? Do you want the customer to click on a link to purchase the product being advertised? If the customer doesn't know what to do, they are more than likely going to leave your site without taking any action at all. It is just as important that you only provide one action for the customer to take. If you ask a person to sign up for a newsletter, download an eBook and buy a product all in one page, that person could easily be overwhelmed.

Allow Visitors to Share Content with Ease

The best form of marketing is word of mouth marketing. Therefore, do your best to make it easy for your visitors or customers to share an advertisement with others to spread the word about what it is that you have to offer. If your business is using content marketing to grow its sales, make sure to write compelling content that people will talk about. When the word spreads about how great your company is and how knowledgeable they are, new customers will flock to your site wanting to learn more information.

Link to Social Media Pages

Don’t forget to include links to your company's Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts on your site. This allows people to migrate to their preferred arena for communicating with individuals and businesses. As different customers are looking for various things from a website, having a social media presence can make it easier to communicate with different segments of its target market effectively.

It is critical that your website caters to the needs of customers in the 21st century. Keeping your site uncluttered, giving your customers direction and allowing them to share your content easily will make it simple to market the business as a leader in its industry.