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Learn the Secrets Behind Email Copy that Converts

Learn the Secrets Behind Email Copy that Converts

Emails provide prime real estate to sell your products or services. Similar to web copywriting, every word should be valuable to the reader. According to a study by The Radicati Group, consumer emails account for over 111.1 billion emails sent and received per day. With so many emails going out on a daily basis, yours better cut through the noise. Here are 3 fundamental tips to write better emails: 

1. Write a powerful subject line

You only have one first impression and it starts with your subject line. The audience won’t get to the email itself if your subject line doesn’t entice them.

Try these techniques to increase your email open rates:

Use questions: Did you know you qualify for our rewards program?

  • Use numbers: 3 ways to increase your revenue this year
  • Create a curiosity gap: What you need to know for tomorrow’s super sale
  • Personalize: Jon, did you forget something? 

2. Master the art of the CTA 

Create a sense of urgency and give your reader some serious FOMO. Include verbs like “order,” “download,” “reserve,” or “ask” in your copy to inspire action. Add an eye-catching button or use a bright color to hyperlink important text. Your audience should know exactly what is being asked of them, and how to access it…fast.

Discover what excites your audience to take action. Try these CTA’s: 

  • “Book your next adventure!”
  • “See the difference you can make.”
  • “Count me in!”
  • “Yes! I want a free upgrade.”
  • “Start now!” 

3. Personalize your messaging  

Write like you’re telling your friend some awesome news — keep it conversational and enthusiastic. Your audience wants to feel a personal connection to your brand. According to a study by Ascend2, message personalization is the most effective email tactics used by marketers. Try one of the following tactics to make your emails feel more personal: 

  • Include the recipient's name
  • Incorporate location-specific information
  • Use gender-specific information to send relevant offers to your subscribers
  • Write in the second person; use pronouns you, your, and yours

We’re all in the same boat — one that is flooded with emails. Leave no room for confusion or hesitation; your audience should feel like they’re going to miss out big time if they don’t open your email. And, once they open it, your subscribers should feel like you really care about their interests and value their time. Now, get out there and send some excellent emails!