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Make the Most Out of Your Google+ Profile

Make the Most Out of Your Google+ Profile

Your Google+ profile is a powerful device for communicating your identity, success, goals and interests to others. Major industry players now utilize their Google+ profile as a platform to establish their expertise and knowledge in a specified area. By doing so, consumers and clients begin to respect those who have established powerful profiles on Google+.

The Google+ user base has nearly doubled in recent years. Despite the vast amount of users on the Google+ network, only a handful of users update their profiles regularly. This is actually a positive thing for industry leaders, and entrepreneurs since they still have time to take advantage of a platform that is in its development phase. Because there are few competing ideas on the Google+ network, an individual can quickly and easily climb to the top as a respected leader or valuable source of knowledge.

Google+: The Backbone of All Online Authorship

Another reason you need to consider updating your Google+ profile is so that you can become a ranked author by Google's search engine. You can post links to articles that you publish on your Google+ profile, and search engines will pick up on the content that you produce. As you continue to produce content, your name may become picked up and recognized by search engines as a reputable author in a particular field.

Post Links to Your Google+ Account

It does not require a significant time investment to make Google+ work for you. In less than 10 minutes a day, you can put Google+ to work for your various websites and social media accounts. Adding a +1 button to your blog or website is a great starting point for those who have recently started to share content to Google+. The +1 button has several functions, and it can allow users to comment their thoughts and re-share content. You can also immediately add individuals to your "circle" who may share similar interests. Other leading experts also have the ability to add you to their "circle” as well. An added bonus is that you can instantly start a hangout session or event when you install the +1 button on a website.

Complete All Fields for the Google+ Profile

I would highly recommend to start taking advantage of your Google+ account by making sure to completely fill out your profile. Ensure that you have added your business information, business website, a profile image and mission statement. Your profile is an area for you to share your vision and capabilities to the world. A Google+ profile may inspire potential customers or clients to hire you over the competition.

Connect With Influencers

Once you have updated your Google+ profile, you will have access to major influencers within your field. Attempt branching out to these influencers and make an effort to connect with them. Some influencers may refer customers to you or share their secrets to success with you. You may also find out about important seminars or conferences by getting in touch with influencers in your circle.

Make your Google+ profile an accurate and solid reflection of who you are. Your profile is an incredible opportunity for you to establish yourself and become well versed in a given field. Be sure to add Hudson Horizons to your Google+ “circles” for up to date company news, client spotlights, latest blog posts and more!