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Marketing with Pinterest

Marketing with Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most addictive and fun social media websites available today. You can create photo collages, otherwise known as “boards,” of things that you wish to one day have. There are tabs for every occasion imaginable, making the site limitless in terms of creativity. But Pinterest isn’t just for people like me, who dream of having a closet full of trendy clothes and a bathroom with a waterfall in it. It can also be a great marketing tool for businesses.

The thing about the site is that users don’t go on it seeking anything in particular. They just stumble upon things that spark their interest, pin it, and possibly even take out their credit card and buy it. This is exactly why the site is great for marketing. Businesses aren’t demanding that a consumer look at their product. They are simply putting their products out in a stress-free environment allowing whomever to encounter them on their own.

There are a few tricks that businesses should keep in mind when nonchalantly marketing on Pinterest:

Create Quirky Boards: There are so many boards on Pinterest with the same name and the same products on them. This makes people way less likely to view them because they automatically think they’ve seen it all already (honestly, they probably have). However, when a user sees a unique board, they want to see more.

Dare to be Choosey: Don’t pin every item your business has to offer. Pin items that stand out. This will make people wonder about the rest of the selection.

Pin Often: Pin as much as you can. People will take notice in your activity and become more inclined to follow you, re-pin your pins, and buy!

Interact: Being amiable goes a long way, so don’t solely pin your own images. Repin, like, and follow other pins and pinners that are relevant to your industry. This will show you’re a team player and appreciate the work produced by others.

With Pinterest the possibilities for your business are endless. Need some inspiration to get on the bandwagon? See what these brands were able to do on the site!