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Social Media Trends for Ecommerce Businesses

Social Media Trends for Ecommerce Businesses

Businesses are constantly adapting to keep up with the changes to technology, social media, and customer shopping habits. Check out these social media trends for ecommerce businesses. You’ll  ❤️ all of them.

Emojis Mean Business

Emojis are no longer off limits for businesses. Scroll through your inbox, and you will find countless email marketing campaigns that use emojis in their headlines to stand out. Scroll through your newsfeed and you’ll realize some of the most compelling promoted posts include emojis. These small images break up the visual monotony of the feed, making scrolling users pause just long enough to start reading or watching. Emojis can serve an important purpose — they connect with users, making these ads feel more like friendly introductions than impersonal advertisements. As more and more users scroll past advertisements to avoid them, adding emojis to ecommerce social media posts will continue to become more common.

Engaging Content

One of the most important social media trends for ecommerce businesses is posting engaging content that really connects with users. This content can range from funny videos and helpful how-to’s to recipes and inspiring posts. Many ecommerce businesses are realizing that the only way to keep users’ attention on social media is to fulfill the reasons they go there in the first place — to connect and have fun.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been a growing trend for quite some time, but lately, it is becoming more popular with smaller ecommerce businesses. You no longer have to have a massive budget to start influencer marketing, and you don’t have to know how to do it all yourself or have a full-time marketing person to do it. Instead, many smaller businesses are opting to work with influencer marketing agencies to promote their products and services.

As social media continues to change, ecommerce businesses will continue to adapt. Right now, though, it seems there has been a fundamental shift among many brands to be more genuine and connect with their users more personally on social media.