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The Basics of a Google AdWords Campaign

The Basics of a Google AdWords Campaign

Have you heard that Google AdWords can help you get more customers, but you’re unsure what that even means? You’re not alone! Read on to learn the basics of Google Adwords, including how to set up a campaign even if you aren’t super savvy when it comes to digital marketing.

Basic Introduction to Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an online advertising service offered by Google, which gives advertisers access to their network, including far more than just the Google search engine. Google AdWords also has access to Youtube ads and banner ads on sites all across the internet who’ve opted in to provide Google ad coverage on their site. Using Google AdWords, you get to leverage this vast network to reach your target demographic. Whether you want to reach potential customers in a specific region or across the world, Google AdWords can help you reach them when they are searching for keywords related to your service, watching a tutorial related to your industry, or reading a review of a product you carry in your shop.

Google AdWords Campaign Cost

Advertising with Google AdWords is surprisingly affordable. Most clicks cost between $1-2, though this price can vary dramatically depending on your industry, target demographic, and the quality of your landing page. Because you only pay per click and get to set the price you are willing to pay for each one, the cost of a Google AdWords campaign is completely in your control; however, spending more can increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

How to Set Up a Google AdWords Campaign

If you are already comfortable managing your online presence, you can set up a simple Google AdWords Campaign yourself pretty easily. Just follow the directions on the Google Adwords website, and you’ll have an ad up in no time at all. Setting up your AdWords campaign is only part of the process, though. You’ll want to monitor the campaign to make sure it is working properly, especially in the first few days and weeks.

If you really want to optimize the return on your advertising investment, consider hiring an AdWords expert to help manage your campaign. From landing page design to keyword research and campaign optimization, we’ll help you develop a digital strategy that works for you. Learn more about our USER-first process or contact us today to start building your AdWords campaign.