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The Breakdown: 3 Steps to Build a Brand

The Breakdown: 3 Steps to Build a Brand

Without their acclaimed brand identities, Apple just sells computers and a Rolex is just...a watch. Branding is how people identify and perceive your business. It covers elements like the tone, style, and voice, which all work together to create a unique brand identity. When people think about your brand, they should envision a seamless aesthetic from social media platforms and posts to your customized website.

It all sounds great on paper, but how do you actually build a brand? Here are the fundamentals of brand building:

Listen to your audience 

From your customer’s point of view, what challenge(s) are you solving for them? Ask for  feedback from your customers or clients through interviews or surveys to find out what makes you their preferred vendor. You can also head over to your competitors’ websites and social channels to look for trends in what their customers are saying about their product or service. Your main goal is to pinpoint how your product or business can help solve customers’ problems better than your competitors. 

Know Your Competition 

Find out what your business offers that’s different from the rest — this will help you create a value proposition that carves out your distinct market position among the competition. Check out your competitors’ websites, visit their stores, and read their press releases; their value propositions should be clear no matter where you encounter their brand. Once you know your competitors’ value propositions, you can get a better grasp on their positioning strategy. Part of understanding your competition is understanding ways your company can one-up them in terms of value or speaking to an audience they’ve neglected.

Build Your Unique Identity 

Once you know what your customers want, where your competition lacks, and what makes your business special, you are ready to create your brand. Every aspect of your business should reflect the style, personality, and position of your brand. Invest in developing your logo, brand styles, and voice upfront. While a logo is the first feature of your brand that customers will notice, it’s only one part of your identity, so don’t invest all your resources in one place. The best brands merge copy, design, and imagery to create a feeling that customers remember.

Consumers are bombarded with brands competing for their attention all day long, which allows your company little to no room for error when it comes to creating an enticing brand. By following these three fundamentals, you’ll be able to create a brand that speaks to your audience, outshines your competitors, and holds customer attention. A well thought-out brand strategy will help set your business apart from the rest.

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