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By Zain Abouseido, Posted in Content

During a time where businesses rely heavily on social media in their marketing plans, it seems apparent that older versions of Internet marketing are dying down. But maybe they’re not going anywhere at all. An older, familiar form of marketing... read more.

By Zain Abouseido, Posted in Social

Are you a small business owner? Do you want more people to know about your business and visit your location? The answer is simple: get on Foursquare.Foursquare is a social city guide for businesses to attract more customers to their locations. Unlike... read more.

By Derek Whitney, Posted in Search

The past week has been an interesting one for all SEOs. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Spam Team, made an announcement which stated that guest posting was dead. This left tons of search marketing professionals in an uproar because it seems like... read more.

By Jason Tezgerevski, Posted in Design

Web designs are continually evolving and their appearance depends on many factors that include the artistic ideas of the designer, the client's needs and cultural trends. Based on recent trend analysis, here are some of the latest design considerations.... read more.

By Jason Tezgerevski, Posted in Social

Internet marketing and social media can be a great tool for your company if it is used correctly. Unfortunately, many companies do not use social media in the way that it was intended to be used. Here are some tips and ideas that can help you create a... read more.

By Zain Abouseido, Posted in Content

If you haven’t heard it yet, here it is: content is king. With the Hummingbird feature and the (Not Provided) Keywords update, Google’s algorithm changes in 2013 set a new standard for SEO tactics moving forward. This year in particular,... read more.

By Zain Abouseido, Posted in Ideas

Today, YouTube launched a new daily series, YouTube Nation, which highlights the best and most enticing videos created on the video-sharing website. Produced by DreamWorks Animation and sponsored by Verizon, YouTube Nation will be available every weekday... read more.

By Zain Abouseido, Posted in Social

Once upon a time we took pictures using cameras. Now, we take pictures using Instagram on our smartphones. We used to obtain news information once, maybe twice, a day. However, smartphones and tablets allow us to access information all day long; there is... read more.

By Zain Abouseido, Posted in Social

Twitter is a powerhouse of marketing capabilities. With over 645 million users and an average of 58 million tweets per day, this social network can serve as a major factor in sales conversions for your business. Developing a credible Twitter presence can... read more.

By Zain Abouseido, Posted in Social

It seems like big brands have it all in terms of marketing: money, status, and huge fan bases. Leading brand names like Walmart and NASA have millions of followers on social media networks—numbers that are hard to imagine for small... read more.