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By Samantha Pena, Posted in Branding

In a world where every company is vying for attention, it is not always easy to drown out the competition and have your company’s voice heard above all the rest. How, then, can you brand your company so that it is not only different from your... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Branding

While some may say that bad publicity is better than no publicity, this particular line of thinking becomes highly questionable when companies adopt that line of thinking for their social media strategy. Although there are certainly some brands that... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Design

When you go to your website, what do you see? Do you see a site that you are proud to own and be able to say “Yes, this is my company”? Or do you see a site that makes you bow your head in embarrassment, a site that makes you want to... read more.

By Hudson Integrated, Posted in Branding, Design, Hudson

By now you’ve probably been exposed to spring cleaning—whether participating it in or observing others do it. Well, this spring we decided to put our own spin on the infamous seasonal cleaning extravaganza: we revamped our website and... read more.

By Jason Tezgerevski, Posted in Content

The value of quality content should not be overstated. If you don't have what your readers are looking for, they are not going to want to recommend your page to their friends or share links to your blog on their social media channels. Listed below are... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Branding

When starting a new business or attempting to rebrand an old one, going back to a blank drawing board can be intimidating. However, turning your business into a brand is certainly possible when equipped with the right tools and knowledge to do so. Here... read more.

By Jason Tezgerevski, Posted in Design

If you are going to run an eCommerce store, you need to have a site that is responsive and optimized for the needs of those using mobile devices. While few businesses currently optimize content for mobile devices, that will need to change. Listed below... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Content

In our current digital age where smart phones and tablets are becoming the primary way users interact with the Web, you need to seriously rethink your marketing strategy and decide if your business can benefit from a stronger mobile presence. Your... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Content

Although there are lots of articles floating around the Internet about optimal posting times on social media, it can often get confusing when people have such differing takes on posting times and user habits. There is definitely an art to social media,... read more.

By Zain Abouseido, Posted in Content

Do you ever struggle when it comes to crafting content for your blog? Are you constantly wondering what your viewer’s actually want to see?  If this applies to you, then pat yourself on the shoulder. Writing content is one thing, but writing... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Social

Social media platforms attract millions of online users on a daily basis, making them the perfect place to cultivate your business’s online presence. One such platform that your business should not ignore is Pinterest.Though Pinterest for Business... read more.

By Zain Abouseido, Posted in Content

Blog writing is unlike any other type of writing.  As a blogger, your goal is to share your ideas or messages to a target audience for a specific outcome. You can blog write for brand awareness, or to spread your own ideas. Regardless of the intent,... read more.