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Brand Identity

Your brand identity must be strategic, consistent, and memorable to stand out in the market. It should translate across platforms and media, and fill customers with a sense of familiarity and trustworthiness — even if they’re experiencing your brand for the first time. Brand identity consists of everything from logo design to naming conventions and overarching brand design systems. In essence, your brand identity is a collection of elements which work together to create one cohesive identity.

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How we can help


Whether you’re a startup without a name or a well-established company seeking to launch a new product or service, our writers and strategists will create unique and memorable names and naming conventions that communicate who you are and what you offer. Naming is also particularly important for UI/UX design, and our team will ensure that the features and functions of your website are both descriptive and branded.

Logo Design

Your logo is essential to your brand’s memorability; it’s the symbol that lets customers and clients know they’re in safe and familiar hands. A great logo will stand out in the market and pique the curiosity of prospects at all stages of the buying journey. Our design team will work with you to create a memorable, emotionally-resonant logo that is transferable and scalable between all mediums, from print to social media.

Design Systems

A professional design system will take your business to the next level, allowing you to quickly and easily create branded collateral, new products, and web pages while removing the creative guesswork. Design systems include everything from fonts and colors to proper logo usage. Professional design systems also include iconography, photography guidance, and brand naming conventions. Our team of designers and writers will deliver a design system that takes your brand to the next level.

How We're Helping NJ Businesses Go Digital

We're proud to announce our partnership with the NJEDA Ecommerce Technical Assistance Program to help support small businesses in New Jersey. Click here for more on the program or to apply for assistance, or contact us to learn more.