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Client: Artisan L’uxe

Amazon optimization & social media branding for luxury beauty brand

Services: Amazon Ads Management & Optimization, Digital Strategy

female model using Artisan L'uxe products


Artisan L'uxe is a luxury beauty and skincare brand created by renowned makeup artist, Sue Devitt. After the success of her widely-acclaimed Sue Devitt Beauty brand, Devitt decided to launch a new beauty line, focused specifically on blending innovative, anti-aging science with globally-sourced, organic ingredients. Artisan L'uxe arrived on the beauty scene poised to make a splash and looked to Hudson to help realize its aspirations.

Artisan L'uxe offers a range of high-end beauty and skincare products, from silky-smooth eyeliners to anti-aging serums. Photo credit: Artisan L'uxe

The Details

Unlike most luxury beauty brands, Artisan L'uxe aimed to go direct-to-consumer through Amazon from the beginning. Artisan L'uxe sought Hudson's assistance with Amazon optimizations, which included new Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for a number of products, keyword-optimized brand copy, and Amazon-optimized graphics. Additionally, Artisan L'uxe requested our social media expertise. We were tasked with creating assets for a beautiful and engaging Instagram feed, as well as designing accompanying social ads.

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Amazon optimizations

Since Artisan L'uxe would be selling directly to consumers through Amazon, it was crucial that the brand's product pages struck a careful balance of information and visual appeal. Our creative team worked closely with the brand to elevate its style, voice and graphics, while our SEO team optimized descriptions based on keyword and competitive research. 

For each product listing, we created a number of elements to build a cohesive, information-rich page. We edited product images, wrote custom descriptions, designed custom graphics, and created unique EBC sections to tell the brand and product stories, as well as highlight key features.

Social media aesthetic

A beautiful Instagram feed is a requirement in the aesthetic-driven beauty industry. We worked with our client to create a number of designated post types and styles to help give the feed a polished consistency. This included coming up with creative ways to highlight ingredients, testimonials, products, and finished makeup looks. Following our client's artistic direction, we sourced unique model photography and digitally edited makeup to realistically reflect the products in use. This provided our client with a cost-effective solution to help potential customers see the makeup on real people while elevating the brand’s overall look and feel.

Social media voice

In collaboration with our client, we created a playful and relatable brand voice to speak directly to the brand's target market on social media. It was crucial to maintain the brand's luxury identity, so we paired friendly, engaging copy with polished, crisp visuals to strike the perfect balance of relatability and aspiration.

Our creative copywriters also learned the ins-and-outs of the brand's products to write social captions that both engaged and informed followers about product benefits, ingredients, and uses.

 Additional assets 

The Results

Our marketing team was able to increase clicks, revenue, and orders on Amazon while decreasing advertising cost of sale (ACOS).


Increase In Clicks


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Orders


Improvement in ACOS

Client: Artisan L’uxe