Franklin Mutual Insurance (FMI)

Founded in 1879, Franklin Mutual Insurance is one of the most established and respected insurance companies in NJ.

Franklin Mutual Insurance (FMI)


Already well established in the insurance industry, Franklin Mutual Insurance (FMI) needed a brand overhaul and a website revamp, which ultimately go hand in hand. FMI’s main goal was to come across as friendly and approachable to potential policyholders and independent agents. The company’s previous website structure was a bit unorganized, making for a confusing user experience. Additionally, the site was visually disjointed from the brand personality, using harsh red and black colors alongside fonts that were too bold to connote a friendly tone.


Hudson’s creative team worked to create a warm and inviting visual identity by choosing new colors and updating fonts to give a more welcoming feel. We chose to keep the red color the same because it was FMI’s core brand color; however, we introduced other light greys and blues, which helped to soften the overall color palette.

Hudson worked with FMI’s marketing team to choose images that properly reflected the friendliness of the updated brand. In addition to improving visual aesthetics, we completely restructured the website navigation, keeping SEO and user experience at the forefront of our efforts. Recognizing that UX was key for this project, we put a focus on user resources (blog) by adding the page to the top navigation and a sidebar feature on all other pages on the site. Overall, FMI’s new website combines SEO tactics and new design elements and visuals to attract new customers and promote a feeling of trust and commitment.

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