Leverage Medical Reps

Leverage Medical Reps works to help pharma and medical device representatives work independently to leverage their relationships and directly profit from selling products provided by Leverage. The site also takes a humorous stance on an industry notorious for its cut-throat, ‘bottom-line’ approach.

Leverage Medical Reps


We built Leverage’s site from the ground up. Its founders wanted to create a centralized system for pharma and medical device reps to establish themselves as independent sales representatives. They also wanted it to be a hub for funny, industry-specific content.  And of course, they needed a really cool design to tie it all together.


Leverage Medical Reps’ new website design is clean-cut but modern, and the layout provides a straight forward and intuitive user experience. We incorporated a “waiting room” feature, where users can see videos, blogs, social media updates, and industry news. Additionally, users can upload their own industry stories anonymously through the waiting room. 

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