Manhattan Institute

The Manhattan Institute is an accredited New York state healthcare training school which specializes in preparing allied medical workers for a range of healthcare careers, such as certified nursing assistants, personal fitness trainers, and dialysis technicians.

Manhattan Institute


Manhattan Institute came to Hudson looking to revamp its website design, as well as solve functional issues on both the front and back-ends. One of the biggest problems was that the site's contact form was dysfunctional, resulting in tons of student applications lost. Additionally, outdated SEO strategies both on-site and off-site were causing rankings to drop, hurting the site's organic traffic over time.


We streamlined Manhattan’s site by simplifying the registration process and adding additional pages to provide visitors with a more comprehensive overview of the school’s programs, including a video tour and detailed course schedules. We also redesigned the site for an overall more refined look to entice potential students. Lastly, we did a full SEO clean up and revamp, and were able to exponentially increase the site’s organic traffic. 

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