Tekovery is an electronic waste recycler, offering services in IT asset recovery, reverse logistics, data destruction and responsible disposal of e-waste.


The Problem:

Similar to many small-to-medium sized businesses, Tekovery’s website needed a modern refresh.  In fact, the website didn’t have a backend; therefore, an easy update to the site was nearly impossible. In addition to a modern design and custom CMS, our client asked for a few other elements. The first was an interactive valuator tool to estimate the worth of electronic equipment. The second feature was a customer login system to streamline the Tekovery process. And finally, our client hoped for an easier way to update and create landing pages for PPC campaigns.

The Solution:

Hudson’s design and development team worked with the client to define needs and goals. Ultimately, Tekovery received a cleaner, modern design with a logo and brand refresh, with an additional focus on three key elements.

Calling on APIs and data from other websites, we created the Tekovery Asset Valuator tool, which calculates the worth of electronic items so potential customers can get an estimate of how much their items are worth. This tool was an important element in making the company’s website as customer-friendly as possible.

The key second feature on the Tekovery website is a custom customer login system. Established customers can use this system to make date and time pick up requests and receive a quote based on the items they are recycling. This feature adds an additional complexity to the website’s backend capabilities.

Finally, the new backend system, or custom CMS, offers a custom-built page builder tool, which allows our client to easily create beautifully designed and fully functional PPC landing pages. Tekovery uses this feature regularly for creating PPC landing pages, with keyword targeted content, metadata, and standout CTAs. According to the client , they’ve had wonderful success with the new website, as well as a great increase in traffic.

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