Underground Farms

Underground Farms is a new online marketplace which connects local farmers with local buyers interested in buying local, responsibly-raised meat and poultry.

Underground Farms

The Problem:

With a business model and brand in place, Underground Farms needed a user-friendly platform to grow a network of independent farmers, and easily connect them with local buyers. But our client didn’t want just any farmer on the platform. Underground Farms wanted farmers who met a high standard of ethical farming techniques.

This vetting process is beneficial to both the farmer and the consumer, allowing the farmer to profit more, and providing the consumer with true transparency about the origin of the meat for purchase.

The Solution:

In addition to creating an intuitive interface heavily focused on UX design, Hudson worked with Underground Farms to create the in-depth farmer application process. The application consists of a 250-point questionnaire asking farmers about general farming practices and specific methods for each cut of meat and poultry. This questionnaire ensures that each farmer is meeting the standards set by our client.

Not only does this complex application process help determine whether the farmer is eligible to use the platform, but it also allows Underground Farms to educate consumers about the meat or poultry for sale. Of the 250 points, buyers can view up to 57 points about each specific cut.

Appealing to the movement of locally grown food, the Underground Farms website makes it clear in its content that farmers and buyers both benefit from this service. There is nothing else like it in the digital space, and we’re proud to have built it.

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