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8 Pro Tips for Better Conversion Rates

8 Pro Tips for Better Conversion Rates

There’s an AT&T commercial series out right now, and the recurring punchline is “just okay is not okay”. It’s true in customer service, sales, and your site’s e-commerce conversion rates. 

By settling for average conversion rates, you could be missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in customer sales. So, raise the bar with these 8 tips for improving conversion rates and getting stellar ROIs. 

Speed up Your Site

Think a little lag time is no big deal? 

Think again. Research shows that milliseconds matter more than ever. A lag time as short as two seconds can cause potential customers to bounce - literally. 

The simplest way to speed up load time is to check the size of your photos and graphics. If you’re using high-res, large file graphics and photos, you’re killing your site’s speed. Optimize images for web and watch your site’s speed soar. 

Today’s customers expect instant gratification when they enter your URL. So, cut the dead weight and optimize your site’s load time to keep them coming back.

Build a Responsive Website

More than two billion people worldwide shop using their smartphones. If your site is designed only to be used on a desktop, you’re missing out on potential customers. 

Simply put, a responsive website identifies what type of device someone is using and adjusts your site to neatly fit that device. Not only will responsive design bring in more customers and help your conversion rates rise, but it will also bump up your Google ranking.

Write Clear, Compelling CTAs

When people come to your website, do they know what you want them to do? Better yet, do you know what you want them to do?

Start by looking over your content with a critical eye. If you’re not providing a clear call to action, it's time to rethink some of your content.

While you’re working on those new CTAs, build a couple versions of your landing page and content. Split testing takes the guesswork out of writing copy and helps you see exactly what your customers respond best to.

Leverage Video

It’s no secret that we live in an increasingly visual age. Video enables you to show rather than tell, and it can be a powerful and compelling conversion tool. 

The key to making video effective is to use it thoughtfully and intentionally. Let video double as both a way to show off your product and a way to answer potential customer questions. Give your buyers an immersive experience: give them a 360-degree view of the product; show them how the product works; and point out the best features and benefits of that product.

Create Urgency

There’s a reason late-night infomercials use words like “hurry” and “limited time offer” with a countdown on the side of the screen. By creating a sense of urgency, they boost sales. 

There are several ways to create a sense of urgency on an e-commerce site. Flash sales and limited time offers encourage shoppers to buy immediately, before the special value ends. Illustrating scarcity is another way to boost buying power; include a countdown timer or “only X left in stock” next to the product to achieve this. The more limited the product or buying window seems, the more valuable the product becomes.

Have a Transparent Return Policy

Consumers do read the fine print these days, especially when making online purchases. Shopping digitally saves time and often money, but the drawback is that the customer can’t physically hold the product before buying. Returns need to be quick and hassle-free. 

Make your refund and return policies easy to find and easier to read. Being upfront with those policies builds trust with customers, and can help you avoid unnecessary customer service complaints and negative reviews in the future.

Make Checkout Simple & User-friendly

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to check out, only to learn that you have to create an account to buy the product. 

Here’s the thing. First-time shoppers often don’t want to register; they just want to check out. And if you’re forcing them to create an account, they’re more likely to abandon the cart. 

People shop online for convenience, and it's your job to ensure that every part of the experience - especially checkout - is as simple and pleasant as possible. This includes the option of guest checkout, as well as multiple payment options such as credit cards, Paypal and even bitcoin. (Money is money no matter the form, right?)

Provide Proof of Service

Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful forms of marketing available. Today, word can travel around the world thanks to online reviews. 

Rather than asking potential buyers to trust you, show them happy and satisfied customers. Showcase testimonials when a customer has an outstanding experience thanks to your product. Include ratings and reviews on your product pages, and encourage customers to review your site and products. Not only will it provide valuable feedback for you, but it will also show shoppers that you stand behind your product and services.


In 2018, consumers spent over $500 billion online in the U.S. alone, and that number is expected to grow exponentially each year. If you’re not optimizing your site for better conversion rates, you’re missing out on revenue each year. 

If this list seems overwhelming, start with just two or three items and see the difference for yourself. And whatever steps you take, remember that all customers appreciate great values, exceptional customer service, and honest interactions. 

If you’d like help boosting conversions for your e-commerce site, let’s talk. Our integrated approach can help you get the results you need. Contact us today to learn what we can do for your business.