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Ecommerce Solutions

Creating an engaging ecommerce shopping experience requires a truly integrated approach. Web design, copy, and functionality should all work together to guide customers toward making quick and seamless purchases. Whether you're using an off-the-shelf eCommerce platform like Shopify or seeking a more custom eCommerce website and integrated solution, our team can help you strike the perfect balance of intuitive UI/UX, tech integrations, and a solid eCommerce marketing strategy to drive results for your business and online store.

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Ecommerce web development

Synced systems for smooth sailing

It’s likely that your business runs smoothly using multiple platforms and systems, all of which must be in-sync in order to avoid a potential back office nightmare. Whether you need to integrate with an ERP, CRM, analytics, email, or other third-party system, our web development team will make sure that your systems stay automatically synchronized using a RESTful API architecture. This means that you will have one unified system for all of your business’s third-party platforms and services, which helps your team automate everyday tasks and increase overall efficiency.

Intuitive product management

We build ecommerce websites which allow you to easily add, delete, and edit products on your website — whether from desktop or smartphone. You can add new product categories, edit product descriptions and images, add new variants, update shipping information, and create coupon codes all in one place. Plus, our ecommerce developers will help interrelate your product data so customers can easily see related products. Lastly, website scalability is key to business growth. We build ecommerce websites to seamlessly keep up with your changing operations digital strategy.

Build new pages in a snap

Every ecommerce website we build comes with our proprietary Page Builder feature, which allows you to build and customize web pages in a matter of minutes. This means you have complete control over the back-end of your store, as well as the look-and-feel of your site from the customer perspective. You can easily set up landing pages for promotions or ad campaigns without the help of a website design and development team. Our team can also create custom templates and layouts which can be mixed and matched to spin up new pages even faster.

Bloombaes product detail page design

Fully-branded product detail page for Bloombaes (See case study)

Ecommerce design

Every element of the ecommerce shopping experience should be carefully crafted to guide the customer journey. The best ecommerce websites are user-friendly and visually-engaging, both on desktop and mobile devices. From the checkout process to the day your package is delivered to a customer's doorstep — customers expect end-to-end consistency and attention to detail. This means that your packaging design and unboxing collateral should also work together with your website to create an overall delightful customer experience. Our design team can help you create a cohesive, multi-media ecommerce experience that keeps customers coming back.

Ecommerce marketing

The most easy-to-use and beautiful ecommerce website won’t drive growth without an underlying marketing strategy. The key to success is to learn and appreciate your customer journey, creating intuitive touch points based on your customer buying behavior. While every business has its own unique buyer journey, we use a combination of market research, data analysis, and social listening to pinpoint where your customers will be most likely to engage with and purchase from your ecommerce brand.

Hudson Integrated met every deadline, made good suggestions, and delivered cutting-edge software. Their flexibility and reliable communication built a strong partnership. They never commit to something that they won’t be able to deliver.

Bill K. Chief Information Officer at Duralee Fabrics

How We're Helping NJ Businesses Go Digital

We're proud to announce our partnership with the NJEDA Ecommerce Technical Assistance Program to help support small businesses in New Jersey. Click here for more on the program or to apply for assistance, or contact us to learn more.