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Client: Numrich Corporation

Creative social advertising solution for national ecommerce retailer

Services: Digital Ad Creative & Targeting, Digital Ad Optimization, Digital Campaign Strategy, SEO & Content Strategy, Social Media Consulting, Social Media Strategy, Website Design, Web Development

Numrich Social Ad


Due to strict digital advertising policies, well-known military surplus and firearms accessory company, Numrich Corporation, was unable to advertise its products on various social media platforms. From antique collectors to seasonal hunters, we knew that there was a large, untapped audience of social media users who would be interested in Numrich’s products. Our goal was to figure out how we could serve ads to those potential customers while maintaining compliance with each advertising platform's policies.

Screenshot of Numrich's main website

Although Numrich does not sell firearms, social media platforms rejected any and all ads created, all of which linked to Numrich's main website,

The Details

In order to help Numrich advertise to new customers, we needed to figure out the core reason for ad disapproval. We had a few hypotheses, but testing them required fundamental changes to the Numrich website, which would be time-consuming, costly, and without any guarantee of ROI for our client.

Instead, we created a spin-off website to highlight the company’s fishing, outdoor, and military surplus products. This solution allowed us to test quickly and efficiently.

Numrich spin-off website

The spin-off website focused primarily on the company's fishing, outdoor, and military surplus products, instead of firearms parts and accessories.

Digital Ad Creative

To make our ads as engaging as possible, we curated an array of lifestyle photos and product images that would resonate with the company’s target audience. Additionally, we added real and relevant customer reviews to entice prospects alongside unique selling propositions, such as free shipping for orders of a certain value. Lastly, we A/B tested images and copy on a regular basis to ensure the best ROI for our client.

Ad stats Social ad examples Ad stats

The Results

Just 6 months after launching social media ads directing to the spin-off site, we were able to deliver stellar results for our client, including a generous return on ad spend, low cost per engagement, and increased average order value.

We’ve continued to see growth through ongoing website optimizations based on data from heat maps and web analytics along with regularly updated banner graphics and refined product categorization. Additionally, we’re always testing new ads to continually lower each campaign’s cost-per-conversion.


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Client: Numrich Corporation