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Secrets to Creating Compelling Social Media Graphics

Secrets to Creating Compelling Social Media Graphics

When people consume content online, they want something that they can easily scan to get the information that they need as soon as possible. If you are giving your customers a wall of text or pictures that don't provide a concise visual message, you may find it difficult to market your business effectively on social media. Therefore, it is important to understand how to create engaging graphics that people will be encouraged to read and share.

A Picture Says 1,000 Words

Ideally, your graphic will provide a visual representation of what you are trying to say. It is important to focus on colors, lines and filters to create something that is humorous, stern or whimsical without having to use text to explain what emotion the reader is expected to feel.

What Colors Should You Use?

Black signifies either a defined space or a darker feel to your message. Black text on a white background is used when you want to get your message across in a clean and easy to read manner. Yellow should be used when you want someone to take action immediately and feel inspired to do so. Blue is often thought of as a soothing color while green is thought of as a powerful color because it is the color of money. Those are just a few of the colors that you may want to use if you’re looking to be powerful and reassuring at the same time.

Don't Forget Your Company Logo and Slogan

What good is an advertisement if your customers don't know who made it? Unless you are being cryptic on purpose to build buzz for a new product, you should try to incorporate your logo and slogan somewhere on the graphic where it is noticeable without intruding on the content that you are providing to your customers.

Make a Great Headline for the Graphic

Whether you are creating text or graphics, an effective headline will draw in more readers than anything that you have to say in your graphic. It is important that you split test a variety of different headlines to see which ones are getting the best reaction. Doing so may help you to refine future advertising efforts.

Use Your Own Voice

When communicating with customers; it is important to establish your own voice. Failing to do so could cause your message to be received poorly or completely missed by your target audience. Before a graphic is posted online, make sure that the tone, style and content are acceptable to those you are trying to connect with.

Creating great graphics can be an effective and affordable way to market online. Quality graphics can be shared across multiple networks and go viral rather quickly. Therefore, your company should strongly consider this as a form of connecting with current customers while helping to bring new customers into the fold.