Numrich Gun Parts Corporation

Established in 1950, Numrich Gun Parts Corporation is America’s largest supplier of hard-to-find, obsolete, and rare gun parts and accessories.

Numrich Gun Parts Corporation

The Problem:

Long-time client, Numrich Gun Parts Corporation, came to Hudson in need of a website update with a focus on user-friendly navigation and intuitive website search. Our client’s main goal was to ensure that users could easily find specific products amid more than 200,000 SKUs.

Because Numrich is already well-established as a brand, Hudson recommended a brand update rather than a complete overhaul. The goal was to keep brand messaging clear and consistent while incorporating a more modern website design.

The Solution:

After taking a full, guided tour of the company’s headquarters, our team took a deep dive into the Numrich brand, as well as its top competitors’ brands. During this process, we discovered that Numrich has a massive inventory compared to its competitors, and the majority of SKUs are used, obsolete, or rare parts. Basically, if Numrich doesn’t have a gun part, no one does.

In terms of the logo, we kept the same emblem shape but modernized it, making it more flat and more scalable for both digital and print.

While working within the guidelines of Numrich’s established brand, Hudson developed new, distinct messaging to further appeal to the company’s target audience. Additionally, incorporating modern design with a clean, intuitive user interface gave the company the perfect platform to better communicate its unique value propositions.

In an effort to improve the website’s usability and SEO, we restructured navigation to include ‘shop by manufacturers’ and ‘shop by category’ options, based on search volume and website data. To further increase SEO, we created strategic category names, URL structure, and on-page content.

In addition to streamlining the ecommerce user experience and adding search value, Hudson’s development team used logics to integrate product data and create product detail pages that include schematics and related products.

Because of various regulations, restrictions, and limitations, the checkout process could become extremely frustrating for users, depending on individual state gun laws. Hudson made these shipping limitations clear through the design and content so customers were clearly informed.

Overall, Numrich’s new ecommerce website allows users to find products quickly and without confusion. With 35,000 orders on the first day alone, site launch was a success. Hudson continues to work with Numrich to create website and marketing strategies in an effort to increase brand awareness and online sales.

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