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10 Hot Web Design Trends

10 Hot Web Design Trends

Web designs are continually evolving and their appearance depends on many factors that include the artistic ideas of the designer, the client's needs and cultural trends. Based on recent trend analysis, here are some of the latest design considerations. When looking for reputable designers to create your web space, consult with Hudson Horizons.

1. Responsive Layout Designs

Once only accessible by desktop or laptop, more and more people use smartphones and tablets for playing or working on the web. Designers use CSS3 media queries for customizing layouts that are appealing and functional regardless of whether viewed on a small or large screen.

2. Retina Support

Introduced by Apple, retina screens feature crisper images thanks to technology that uses two separate images. The first contains the number of pixels of an average resolution. The second image is comprised of twice as many pixels in the same sized space, which increases the resolution.

3. Oversized Photograph Backgrounds

Using a large photograph for the landscape of a page is a great way of attracting attention. Depending on the picture chosen, the effect is very visually appealing when blended into the general layout.

4. Transparency

Combined with a large photograph background, designers incorporate transparent menu drop downs using CSS3 properties. The sleek style lends itself to a wide range of color options and opacity levels.

5. Minimalist Pages

Devised under the concept that “less is more,” simple landing pages not only work well on any sized screen, but also the chance to place focus on a single objective or product.

6. Typography Trends

Whether using large, bold font over the entire screen or mixing the image up with various font styles, colors and sizes, this option may also create an eye-catching display.

7. Vertical Layouts

Considering the size and ratio aspect of modern screens, this style provides a means of presenting a full-screen image, in addition to easy navigation when using vertical touch screens. When created properly, these pages display stunning results.

8. Infinite Scrolling

Commonly used on search engine photography pages, this concept works beautifully on a single page and allows users to keep scrolling as the page continually loads. The layout works well whether having a wealth of information to share or if planning on expanding product lines.

9. Digital QR Codes

Quick response codes replaced traditional bar codes on everything from products to venue websites. Using a QR Code app on a mobile device, users quickly access a wealth of information by merely scanning the code.

10. Social Media Badges

Countless web pages now feature social media badges which Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter users have the opportunity to vote for a particular product, site or make a recommendation to friends and family. Many companies also use the idea for advertising upcoming events, specials or other useful consumer information. The amount of traffic generated daily by Facebook also makes the social site the perfect location for utilizing marketing ads.

Let Hudson Horizons show you how to introduce your company or product in an appealing manner that strongly represents your business.