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3 Ways Visual Search is Changing SEO

3 Ways Visual Search is Changing SEO

Google Lens and Pinterest are both examples of visual search engines. They allow users to snap a photo and search using the image rather than typing in text. These visual search engines are changing the way users search the internet, and SEO is changing too. Read on to learn 3 ways visual search is changing SEO.

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Visual Search Increases Need for Metadata

If you aren’t including metadata on your images, you’re already late to the party. Now there’s even more reason to take the time to include metadata. Image metadata is used to catalog, sort, and understand your images. Although visual search engines are good at matching similar images, they still rely on metadata to make connections. If you don’t currently include metadata on your site and images, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your strategy. Take time to flesh out your metadata, including as many relevant keywords as possible to help search engines recognize your images. Here’s our beginner’s guide to metadata to help you get started.

Visual Search Increases On-the-go Searching

You already know that users are searching on the go, but visual search makes it even easier for them to search while out and about. In 2019, nearly every adult owns a smartphone, so it’s important to keep this in mind. When creating content, be prepared with relevant information that matches your target keywords. Also, be sure that the point of your post isn’t buried toward the end to try to trick readers into lingering on your site; they won’t, they’ll just exit and click on a different link. Delivering on the information you promise in images and headlines is one of the most important parts of an SEO-driven content strategy.

Visual Search Encourages Branded Images

Stylized images and overlays are an excellent way to signal your brand to visual search engine, especially if you stick to a cohesive style. Adding calls to action on images can encourage click through rate. Using unique imagery only available on your site is also more important than ever. If you are using stock images, be sure to edit them slightly so that visual search engines can tell the difference between your version and all the other versions of the same image out there on the internet.

Visual search is definitely changing SEO, but it’s really just a reminder to keep doing all the same things you’ve been doing, even more consistently. Stay up-to-date on your metadata, deliver on your promised content, and create a unique visual identity that will set you apart.

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