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eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce Website Design

Build Your eCommerce Web Store Your Way

eCommerce design and development is not one-size-fits-all - especially when it comes to the scalability of your eCommerce web store. That's why we create truly custom eCommerce solutions for our clients using our Integrated Approach, treating each website project individually and holistically to come up with the best possible solution given your business model, competition, and long term goals. The eCommerce website design and development process should simplify the sales funnel by working exactly the way the market demands (or better).

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The Hudson eCommerce Experience

There's a plethora of eCommerce business solutions on the market. Why go custom?

Easy Product Management

Easy Product Management

Our eCommerce website design allows you to easily add, delete, and edit products on your website - whether from desktop or mobile phone. You can add new product categories, edit product descriptions and images, update shipping information, and create coupon codes all in one place. Plus, our eCommerce website design process builds systems with scalability in mind, so business growth will never slow down your operations and digital strategy.

eCommerce marketing - Built-in SEO

Built-in SEO

Our eCommerce web design team works directly with our SEO and content strategists to provide creative direction to ensure that your store is built to elicit maximum usability and search visibility. This includes everything from your eCommerce website's main navigation links, product categorization, and individual product and URL structure. By building an eCommerce business platform with SEO best-practices in mind, we build the necessary foundation for ongoing eCommerce marketing and search engine optimization.

Custom Integrations

Custom Integrations

Thanks to our eCommerce website development team's architectural style (also called REST architecture or RESTful web services), external API integrations are no problem. Whether it's for eCommerce marketing with analytics, email, or social media platforms - or more business-oriented tasks, such as an internal ERP or CRM system - the system we create can seamlessly talk to your other systems, thus synchronizing all your eCommerce business data through a RESTful API structure.

diy ecommerce website design

Build Your Own Pages

Every eCommerce website design we create comes complete with our proprietary Page Builder feature, which allows you to build and customize web-pages in a matter of minutes. This means you have complete control over the back-end of your store, as well as the look-and-feel of your site from the customer perspective. You can easily set up landing pages for promotions or ad campaigns without the help of an eCommerce website design and development team.


Bottom line:
An eCommerce business solution, custom built for you 

Aside from the fact that working with Hudson means working with a team of individuals focused on increasing your company's success, there is one huge, undeniable benefit to our eCommerce website design services: it is custom built for you. There are no clunky plug-ins or backwards workarounds to make the site work. Instead, you can count on a smooth, agile system tailored precisely to your eCommerce marketing needs.

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