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By Samantha Pena, Posted in Design

Building a new website that is fully customized to your business’s goals and audience requires a lot of time, money, and strategy. Therefore, before you kickoff your new website project, make sure to answer these questions so that your team of... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Mobile

Most businesses recognize the need for a strong online presence in order to remain visible in today’s digital world; however, having a website is not nearly enough to boost your digital influence. The explosion of the mobile industry has not only... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Design

Have you ever encountered a website so atrocious that you had to close the page? Whether you were frustrated by its functionality or annoyed that you had to click around to find what you were looking for, your bad user experience dissuaded you from... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Mobile

In our tech-obsessed world, we are seeing a rise in consumers’ adoption of mobile, with over 100 thousand mobile device sales by the end of last year. Consumers are not only using their mobile devices as their primary means of information and... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Branding

In an age where brands are competing with news outlets as consumers’ main sources of information and entertainment, creating and publishing unique content is becoming an important way to remain relevant in today’s fast-paced... read more.

By Chelsea Kelsey, Posted in Content

Email newsletters are a great way for businesses to build trusting relationships with their target audiences, and if promotional content is included, they can also increase revenue. The major key to enforce the benefits of an email newsletter is making... read more.

By Chelsea Kelsey, Posted in Social

Last summer, Twitter came out with a feature called Twitter Cards. The feature is used by brands like Priceline, Angry Birds, and Foursquare, and is proving to have remarkable potential for marketers and developers. But, what exactly is a Twitter... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Social

Have you noticed how brick-and-mortar businesses are beginning to incorporate online strategies into their offline marketing to encourage more social media or website traffic? For example, just this weekend alone, I saw a pizza parlor with a sticker on... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Content

As of July 2014, Buzzfeed and Upworthy are the top two most popular viral websites, according to national and global traffic ranking. Considering that both sites began as small startups competing against large news conglomerates, it’s pretty... read more.

By Chelsea Kelsey, Posted in Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has the ability to be a great addition to any company’s digital marketing efforts when done the right way. CRO is the process of optimizing your sponsored search ads, landing pages, and overall website design in... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Search

When it comes to the online world, there is no site more powerful than Google. With over 2 billion daily searches and a 78 percent share of Web search volume worldwide, Google is clearly consumers’ number one search engine choice, outranking Yahoo... read more.

By Samantha Pena, Posted in Social

Like this, tweet that, share this post. Regardless of whether we are surfing the Internet or going about our real life, we see and use this new lingo everywhere, thus indicating how much social media impacts our day-to-day lives. However, the influx of... read more.

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